Published: 2022-05-11

Espionage and its impact on building the The Mongol Empire

Prof. Dr. Hamdia Saleh Deli, Dr. Ahlam Hamid Nehme

162 - 170

The Twentieth Revolution in the Memoirs of the Revolutionary Leaders and Men "Causes and Consequences" - Criticize and Reconstruct –

M. Dr.. Haider Ali Khalaf Gouda Al-Ugaili, M. Dr.. Mohammed Hamouz Lafta Al-Ghanimi, M. Dr.. Muhammad Jaber Anad Al -Aboudi

297 - 316

Planning and development of agricultural production in the Shamiya district

a . M . Dr.. Sabria Ali Hussein Al-Obaidi, A.M.D. Kholoud Ali Hussein

396 - 407

Geographical analysis of industrial development in Rumaitha district for the year 2019

Prof. Dr. Jawad Kazem Al-Hasnawi, Researcher Shifa Nasser Jubeir

408 - 422

Physical self-esteem and its relationship to some elements of physical fitness of young football players

Dr. Maged Abdel Hamid Rashid, A.M.D. Wathiq Muhammad Abdullah, M.M. Ali Sabah Aday

452 - 460

Design of two tests to measure the accuracy of the forehand and backhand kicks for the actual performance of tennis for advanced players

Prof.Dr. Department of Muhammad Abbas , Prof.Dr. establish. Haider Jaber Abd, Prof.Dr. establish. Yes Majid Dahesh Mays. , Nour al-Huda, a Turkish revolutionary

510 - 522

The effect of functional exercises on the most important biochemical variables and the physical and skill abilities of volleyball players

Prof. Dr. Asaad Adnan Aziz Al-Safi, Prof. Dr. Wathiq Muhammad Abdullah Al-Baaj, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Arab

533 - 542