The impact of the survey strategy on Teaching planning and colors

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ليلى شويل حسين


The educational process is an original activity aimed at stimulating the learner's motivation and facilitating learning
It includes a set of activities and decisions taken by (the teacher - the learner) in the situation
Education through attention to teaching methods and techniques and the organization of learning forms in the situation
An educational process through which learners interact for the purpose of achieving specific educational goals. It sure is
This is done through intentional design of the educational environment and its engineering (organization of educational experiences) in a manner
Specific so as to lead to the achievement of intended education for learners and under the supervision of the teacher.

Therefore, physical and psychological conditions that help the learner to interact actively must be provided
With the components of the educational environment designed for the educational situation in order to provide educational experiences
The information, knowledge, technical skills, attitudes and values that he needs in proportion to his capabilities
And his preparations in educational ways and methods that contribute to his sensory perceptions of the information he acquires
educational situation and then help him how to process this information and the process of retrieving it
and employing them in new educational situations.

Based on what we present, the researcher decided to establish her research problem by employing
Inquiry strategy (in an educational environment to organize information and methods of acquisition by the learner
And stored in his memory and methods of retrieval according to the requirements of the educational situation through
His abilities and readiness to accept educational experiences (knowledge and skill) related to drawing and statement
Its impact on the acquisition of technical skills and the enhancement of its positive role in how it is employed in achievement
His artistic work, such as perspective, still life, pictorial composition, artistic project.....and others.
The aim of the current research is to reveal (the inquiry strategy and its impact on teaching arts).
Therefore, the researcher set two sub-goals to achieve it

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