The effectiveness of cooperative learning in teaching Theatrical directing

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عامر سالم عبيد السلامي


The researcher presented this study in an attempt to establish a new strategy for teaching a subject
staging using collaborative learning; This study contained four chapters
It is as follows :
The first chapter: the methodological framework: it included the definition of the research problem, its importance and the need for it
In addition to the research objective and hypotheses; This chapter also permeates the limits of the research and its methodology as defined
The researcher came up with a set of terms for each of them with a procedural definition in line with the research procedures.
The second chapter came with the theoretical framework, which was divided into two sections, as follows
First: Cooperative Education: In this topic, the researcher dealt with the origins and concept of cooperative education
And its objectives and basic elements and the role of the teacher and the learner in cooperative learning 0 and steps
cooperative learning; As well as the difficulties facing the application of cooperative learning.
Second: Theatrical directing: In this topic, the researcher divided it into several axes
The first dealt with improvised and organized theatrical activities, and the second dealt with relationships
The director and the basic elements of theatrical directing in the third axis; and in the axis
The fourth dealt with the dramatic values; the executive steps of theatrical directing were
The last axis of this research. The researcher mentioned a group of studies that preceded the research
It dealt with one of the variables of this research, but it moved away from the goal of the research that the researcher wanted
Check it out by searching this.
At the end of this chapter, the researcher came up with a number of indicators that will be the basis on which to proceed
to build instructional design.

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