Technical characteristics of the Nasta'liq line

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م. منى كاظم عبد دواس


The Nasta'liq script is one of the Arabic scripts commonly used by calligraphers in the East
the Islamic world since the 8th century AH 14 AD); And used in the line of the Koran and official correspondence
and personal. This font was distinguished by its beauty stemming from the balance of its letters, the flow of its extensions, and the clarity
In his writing. And nastaliq in the language is a carved term consisting of two words (copy and comment) and indicate
These two words are on two types of calligraphy: Naskh and Ta’liq, which were spread and known in the period
Prior to the emergence of the Nastaliq line in the east of the Islamic world. From here, historians differed
And the Arab and foreign researchers who came in their studies to mention the Nasta'liq line on the original
From which this line was derived, some of them linked its origin to the Naskh line only; Some of them added a line to it
The commentary, and others agreed to call it the Persian script. Because they believe that this line was invented
It originated and developed in Persia. From here came the interest in preparing this research, as the research presented a problem
It was researched with the following question: (What are the technical characteristics of the Nasta'liq calligraphy), as the research aims to reveal
About these characteristics of the Iranian, Turkish and Pakistani schools of the century (8 AH-41 AD) because they are
The period in which the commentary line flourished and developed. “As for the first chapter, it dealt with the theoretical framework
Explaining the Ta'liq line and its origins, passing through the Nasta'liq line, in addition to its uses in copying
Religious and non-religious manuscripts. In the topic related to the characteristics of the Nasta'liq line, it was shown
Characteristics of letters for each school of Nastaliq calligraphy. As for the results of the search, it was
came out with:

1. There were stylistic differences in the Nasta'liq calligraphy in terms of point measurement and shape

It differs from one school to another.

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