The problem of overlapping curricula in criticism Cinematographic discourse

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أ.م.د أغاريد سالم عبد الرضا


In the last decade, individuals have become so weak and unwell that we cannot resist
Their bodies are exposed to diseases that make them feel irritable, and this is what stimulated them
researcher for the study; Where the study aimed to identify the impact of the proposed training program
In some immunological blood indicators (177130, 180, 1814) and depression in women of all ages
(25-40) years old, and the researcher used the experimental method for one group on a community
It consisted of (21) women who suffered from a deficiency in the level of immunological blood indicators
The study and after excluding the participants in the exploratory experiment and the non-regulars in the training
The final sample number has become (20) women, and the sample has been subjected to pre-tests in terms of filling in
Depression scale form, then the training program was implemented, which lasted (16) weeks
(2) Training units per week, as the duration of the training unit took (06) minutes, and after the end
In the training program, the researcher conducted post-tests, which included examining indicators
The immunological blood is being studied and the depression scale form is filled out, and after the results are collected, they are processed
Statistically, the researcher concluded that the proposed training program made a positive development in the
The improvement of the immunological indicators under study, and thus the improvement of the state of depression among a sample
Therefore, the researcher recommends adopting the application of the proposed training program when designing programs
Training and health because of its positive impact on improving the level of immune indicators and mood
Individuals, as well as encouragement to engage in various sports activities and physical fitness curricula
And health in sports and social institutions and clubs.

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