The oldest Bimaristan (hospital) teaching In Baghdad during the era of Adud al-Dawla

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م. د. موفق عليوي خضير


The emergence of the idea of ​​bimaristans (a) as places for the treatment of patients since the adoption of the courtyard of the Prophet’s Mosque
In Medina during the reign of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and his family; And that in the Battle of the Trench as
The Messenger of God commanded to set up a tent in which to treat the wounded.
Which took to include doctors and pharmacists later and the Umayyad caliph Al-Walid bin
Abd al-Malik was the first bimaristan in Damascus in the year 702/880 AD to treat the blind and lepers.
As for the first Islamic bimaristan, it was built during the reign of Caliph Harun al-Rashid, when he called

The caliph, the physician Jibril bin Bukhtishu`, to build a new bimaristan in Baghdad.

Due to the importance of bimaristans and their development, we decided to study the humeral bimaristan because it is
In addition to being an educational bimaristan, it represents the treatment of patients in a way that is considered advanced in its time
Besides being a civilized manifestation of Islamic civilization that we must highlight
Its features, therefore, we proceeded to this study.
Founder of Bimaristan

Abu al-Shuja' is considered a fana, Khusraw ibn al-Hasan ibn Buwayh al-Buwayhi al-Dulaimi, known as (Adad
State) for the year 272 A.H. - 44 A.H.) Tha.

Of the flags of the sultans who had a prominent impact on the scientific movement in Baghdad in the century
the fourth Hijri; In order to study an aspect of the scientific movement in the era of his
scientists and approach them; This research was achieved, which required the scientific method to be limited
To pursue medical sciences. Which prompted me to choose this research; It is a sense of importance
The history of this cultural side" and the fact that the era of Adud al-Dawla did not obtain its right of research

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