The influence of phosphate rock levels Agricultural sulfur is growing And the yield of the beans

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بشرى محمود البطاوي


An experiment was carried out in the wooden canopy at the University of Baghdad - College of Agriculture - Abu Dhabi
Gharib - Department of Soil Sciences and Water Resources to study the response of the bean crop to rock
Phosphate and agricultural sulfur and choosing the best combination between phosphate rock and sulfur
Agricultural crop growth. Phosphate rock was added at levels (0, 1000 and 2000).
kg m. e 'and agricultural sulfur (0, 1500 and 3000) kg 5. e 'at the end of the season
Plant height, number of branches per plant, number of seeds per pod and seed yield were calculated
for one plant and the dry matter weight of the vegetative part. The results showed: the rock increased
Phosphate was significantly increased in plant height, number of branches, number and yield of seeds, and material weight
dryness of the vegetative part and the level of 2000 kg m.ha "is the best as the effect of addition
Agricultural sulfur significantly increased the above-mentioned traits, and the level was 3000 kg K
"e" is the best; as for the effect of the overlap between them, the level was (2000 kg m.ha.w
0 kg 5 .H ') is the best in all qualities as it gave the highest yield and the highest number of
Branches, seeds and dry matter 0 We conclude from this study the possibility of using phosphate rock
Instead of manufactured phosphate fertilizers that are expensive because they are cheaper and available in Iraq
It is a primary raw material for phosphate fertilizers.

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