Teaching methods between reality and the difficulty of application

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اسماء احمد ابراهيم


The teaching methods in most countries of the world, especially the developing ones, have taken a large part and become one of the most important
Things to be studied and to know the obstacles to their application so that researchers can develop successful solutions to mitigate the problem
This phenomenon, which sometimes results in a major failure in the scientific level of students, because the shortcomings and weaknesses in this
Methods, especially in the use of modern technical means such as the computer and its capabilities represented by systems and programs
applied is very clear; In order to achieve the educational goals in all its cognitive, emotional and skill dimensions, the methods
The successful teaching staff contributes greatly to the success of the educational process through improving the scientific level of the student
and the organization of relations between it and the study material and the surrounding environment; Teaching methods have become
Especially the modern ones in our time, a basic need that every student and student, regardless of his level of comprehension and acceptance.
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