The interfaces of the reformist advocacy thought of Sheikh Al-Fadhil Al-Wartalani

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م. د. تعبان حسب الله علوان الشمري


The interfaces of the advocacy thought of Sheikh Al-Fadil Al-Wartalani played a prominent role in the dark conditions
The hardship that Algeria went through as a result of French colonial control; Ortlani was able to translate
Those reformist advocacy facades in order to deepen Arabism and Islam and preserve the Algerian personality;
His continuous calls were shown through his sermons, lectures and newspapers moreover that destinations
His advocacy idea was not present inside Algeria and the Arab world, but rather exceeded that, especially in France
The events and activities of the polite clubs founded by Al-Wartlani had a distinguished presence and responded to
To the wishes of many of the Algerian community, workers and students, and this drew the attention of the French authorities to the limit
One of his activities is to demand independence; Therefore, Al-Wartalani left clear imprints in France through facades
an idea; These advocacy facades coalesced with the principles of the 1954 revolution to increase the strength and enthusiasm of the revolution
To bear fruit at the end of the era of freedom and independence.

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