Jurisprudence of Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries

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أ.م .د. ساجدة طه محمود


In the name of God ; Praise be to Allah and may the blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah ; And his family and companions and his family.
As for after:
An extrapolation of the reality of Muslims in the West shows us that the global migration movement; as one of the most important

Phenomena associated with the dynamism of life in this century, have transformed receiving countries into multiple societies
cultures and religions; It is well known to all that the Islamic religion has developed an integrated approach to life 9
through which he regulated the human relations between the Muslims themselves; And between them and other religions 0
He dealt with all aspects of life and established provisions and rules for them according to the requirements of truth and justice.

And if this is the case of Sharia, dealing with the issues of people in every place and time; It was obligatory
Mujtahid jurists should consider and expand the circle of jurisprudential deduction to include all emerging issues and jurisprudential developments.
which scientists did not address in the past; As is the case of Muslim minorities in the West.

Today, Muslims live in large numbers in countries that are not ruled by Islam. It is governed by an incompatible system
legal rulings; In Europe alone, approximately sixty million Muslims live, and this presence followed it
Many of the problems faced by Muslims there; Including what is related to acts of worship, such as prayer and fasting
Countries where the absence of twilight is delayed until after midnight on some days of the year; And there is a long country

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