The significance of the verbal act in the legal discourse between the categorical structure and the performative sufficiency

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أ.م.د. محمد عبد مشكور
م.د. مرتضى جبار كاظم


Linguistic studies in the field of semantics are no longer hostage to the abstract linguistic structure in the light of
The data of the structural linguistic lesson; So the duality of form and content is the only duality that guarantees a statement
Without expressions and structures devoid of their product, recipient, and defining context: Sama Turkiyya, the sweetest of that are shortcomings.
Perception and perception of meaning; This prompted those concerned with this field of knowledge to find a valid scientific method for the study
The meaning in order to obtain more accurate results and the purpose of obtaining the meaning and possession of its dimensions and injury
The speaker wants it in his speech, without increasing or decreasing it, or misunderstanding on the part of the recipient. So the linguistic approach was
The deliberative is better than the scientific and methodological alternative, the study of significance in its usability dimensions; Proceeding from these
The epistemological postulate The preoccupation of this study came to reveal the deliberative legal awareness of the phenomenon of action
The words between its categorical structure and its performative sufficiency.

This research was based on the principle of interdisciplinary dialogue, which requires the acquisition of human knowledge in
The framework of the diversity of knowledge, its convergence, its convergence, and benefiting from its data in the study of a central linguistic phenomenon that has its weight
In the modern deliberative lesson, the premises of legal thinking were the assumption of this research and the field of its dialogue with
Pragmatic linguistics reveals a pragmatic awareness in the production, reception and interpretation of legal discourse according to what is needed
The trigger wanted it.

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