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أ.م.د قسمة مدحت حسين درويش


The research, tagged with (a study in Surat Q), consists of four topics, which are as follows:

The first: the phonetic study - in which the sonic phenomena are manifested, such as: vocal harmony; and homogeneity
Phonetics, metaphors, diphthongs, stress and syllables, and verse breaks that come to lead
A vocal and spiritual purpose at the same time.

The second: the morphological topic - and it contains the doors of the abstract triple verb; And what was said in some morphological issues;
And then the crowds of all kinds, as well as a lot of anecdotes.

The third: the linguistic and grammatical topic - it includes several linguistic and grammatical issues, including: saying in (Q)
And the reference, and the addition of the thing to itself, and the reminder and the feminization and the saying in the address T; and delete

The fourth: the rhetorical topic - it includes creative improvements and forms of eloquence. It is the benefactors
Al-Badi'iyah: Anaphora, counterpoint, assonance, plural, division, and attention. Among the types of statement: metaphor
Mental metaphor, transmitted metaphor, analogy and metaphor of all kinds, such as declarative and mechanical metaphor
and charade.

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