The neutral structure of metonymy and its semantic patterns in Ahmad Matar's poetry.

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د. عبد الرزاق كريم خلف


The poet Ahmed Matar is a glorious Iraqi poet in his art and poetry. visual in his birth and boyhood; politician in
his nature and poetry; An expatriate from his homeland and land. Lee gets his abundant share of study and research for Al-Qasimi, except
Recently, like many poets who have been absent by alienation and power, and time and power have come upon them (!

Upon examining carefully the entirety of Ahmad Matar's poetry, the reader will find that his poems and images concern a genre
Apparent rhetoric, which is the metaphor, that feature that led us to focus on it in this research through three axes with
Introduction The first title was the patterns of metonymy in Ahmed Matar's poetry between simplicity and entanglement while it was
The second axis of the research is entitled Metaphors and their semantic formats, in which they are extremists to orientation axes
Metonymy in its connotations and revealing the poet's content orientations and his basic goals of using this type
rhetorical, as we found that it revolves around two directions: (the tyranny of politics) and (disguised sarcasm and contempt).
The scandalous) As for the last axis of the research, it was (the structures of the structural bits of the metaphor), which focused on
(employment of popular vocabulary), (narrative metonymic format) and (metabolic description format), and thus we calculate
We have contributed, albeit modestly, to uncovering a specific feature in the poetry of the poet Ahmed Matar. I hope that God grants success
Thanks to him and you.

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