The export threshold and the effectiveness of focus - a study in the poetry of Abdul Razzaq Al-Rubaie

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أ.م.د فاتن عبد الجبار جواد


The export threshold threshold is an intermediate (association) between the author region and the text region; in order to initialize
The position to move and cross over to the reader's area», as the writer borrows a water saying, a poet's verse, or a famous idea
For a philosopher, thinker, writer, poet, etc., or with a statement of his that confirms his personal presence between
The constellation of thinkers, writers, and philosophers whose sayings he borrows in order to be guided by them intellectually and semantically; And he insists on it
His literary discourse, putting this borrowed saying on the first page with the title grape or on the page that
followed remarkably; This threshold may precede the title of complete poetic works or a collection of poetry
one; or a particular poem.

There is no doubt that the effectiveness of the focus that we enjoy as an export grape in this way is interfering in a way

What is in the space of the concentrated poem that characterizes the poem of the poet Abd al-Razzaq al-Rubaie? You work on focus
Meaning, significance and value in a very economical and limited written space. So that suggests great interest
The widespread use of this threshold is a kind of revealing of the poet's concentrated poem, as the awareness of
The focus and its privacy appear prominently in this event, which is consistent, parallel and consistent with nature
The concentrated poem and its privacy.

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