The Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH is a symbol and a mask in contemporary Iraqi poetry

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أ. د. عبد الكريم راضي جعفر
وميض محمد حسين طاهر


There is no doubt that for religious and scientific personalities; literary; Historic importance in our modern literature ©
The modern poet reconstructs the past according to a contemporary human vision that reveals human concerns
his suffering; His ambitions and dreams, and this is self-evident that our poets in the modern era are influenced by personalities
religious in general and the missionary personality embodied in the Messenger (©8) in particular; As the presence of this
The personality in the modern poem constitutes a rich semantic field for what it stores in the religious history of the Arabs. and politician z
And the social is one of the connotations that ignite the memory and move the hidden reservoirs in the Arab self.

Dealing with this personality requires real awareness of it. Because it is a rich source that stores suggestive energies
able to move feelings and sensations; It is able to keep up with the data of reality with all its burdens
contrasts This is what makes it contain many contents; distant connotations; and implied gestures.

And among those indications that we are trying to stand on (the symbol } and the mask), which are two of the most important techniques
I employed the image of the Messenger ( ) in contemporary Iraqi poetry; They were an echo and a response to the psychological emotion
Which the poet shows in the most beautiful way.

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