Color performance in pre-Islamic poetry Four poets as a model

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م . رعد عبد الجبار جواد


Starting with the research, the research contained illumination of aspects related to the pre-Islamic poets' use of colors, and their tendency to add the well-known and tangible colors in their world to their senses, so that their features are clearly evident and their dimensions are defined, and they used the colors in a successful use, and distributed them properly. , and its different meanings for the pre-Islamic poets according to the place or the colored thing, then the research turned to extrapolation of the many color models, and we found that the color performance of the pre-Islamic poets included a valid area of ​​color space, as well as the wide spread of colors in pre-Islamic poetry, and they invested the meaning of colors,

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م . رعد عبد الجبار جواد. (2023). Color performance in pre-Islamic poetry Four poets as a model. Journal of the College of Basic Education, 21(88), 165–189. Retrieved from
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