The effect of Neale of Fourth Stage students' performance in the secondary schools

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Musadak Khanjar Kridi


This study attempts to investigate the effect of Neale model among  students’ performance of the fifth secondary school. The participants included 61 Iraqi EFL learners at the secondary school and they were placed randomly into a control group and an experimental group from [ Al-Maarf School ]. The students in the experimental group are taught literature according to new methods while the students in the control group are taught according to traditional method. To collect the pre-test and post-test data, the researchers administered the - validated to be used as a pre and post test for the two groups of the students. The test is done after teaching art to each group seperately for two months (2020- 2021). The exprimetal group was taugh using Dizzny's strategies, whereas the contrlled group was taught by the traditional method only. The data are analyzed statistically by using t-test formula to measure the difference between the performance of the experimental group in the pre and post test. In the light of those findings, the researcher suggest some recommendations that are hoped to be helpful for syllabus designers, supervisors and English language teachers.

  1. Recommendations

1-Neale Model is improved it’s effect in students’ performances.

2.Helping students about critical thinking.

3.Making another study ,but in a different stage.


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م. مصدق خنجر كريدي. (2022). The effect of Neale of Fourth Stage students’ performance in the secondary schools. Journal of the College of Basic Education, 5(SI), 303–329.
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