The artistic image of writing in Abu Nawas poetry

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Huda Hadi Abbas Habeeb AL-jeshami


Writing was mentioned in pre-Islamic poetry, likening it to the subject of Tallu, so the poet likened the traces of Talal that had been erased to a book whose lines had been erased. The writing on the spelling subject of  indicated that the attributes of the satirist were proven by confirming the writing and sealing. And the development of the meaning of writing in the Abbasid era. It became a poetic subject describing the difficulty of writing, and an indication of the effort the poet makes in reforming his poems. And the meaning of (writing) developed in Abu Nawas, so he transformed it from an abstract mental meaning to a sensual, flirtatious meaning characterized by beauty. The hair hanging from the top of the ear with a pen, and Abu Nawas likened the lines of wine when mixed with water to writing with the left hand. And he was proud tha the angels write sins on him, and he does not care about the intensity of his sense of pleasure, and on the subject of hunting, he likened chicken feathers to the lines of writing. He described writing as eternity.

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