Conditions for publication in the Journal of the College of Basic Education (Researcher's Guide):
1. The magazine publishes scientific and human research, and educational and psychological studies using the scientific research methodology and scientifically recognized steps.
2. The researcher is committed to scientific honesty and not quoting from the international information network or from another journal, and the research has not been accepted for publication in another journal. Otherwise, the researcher will bear the legal consequences.
3. When publishing human research, it should be taken into account that the research pages do not exceed (25) pages, including references, tables, figures, appendices, and what is more than that. The research is treated in terms of wages as two papers. Note that the fees for publishing the research (100,000) one hundred thousand Iraqi dinars for research within the country and ($100) one hundred US dollars for research from outside the country are sent by remittance system through Western Union. As for scientific research, the maximum number of research pages is (15) pages only.
4. The researcher depends on writing his research on the model approved in the magazine. The researcher submits a summary of the research in Arabic and English so that each of them does not exceed (200) words in one paragraph. The summary includes the following elements:
(The reasons for choosing the topic, the research problem, the importance of the research, the objectives of the research, the most prominent research hypotheses, the field, society and sample of the research, the most important means of data collection, the most important statistical methods, the most important conclusions, the most important recommendations).
5. Write the title of the research and the list of sources in both Arabic and English.
6. Write the margins in a separate list at the end of the search.
7. Keywords are presented in Arabic and English, ranging between 3-and 6 words.
8. The information and details about the researcher are written in both Arabic and English for the research and include (the researcher’s name, scientific title, exact specialization, and place of work in addition to his email, and mobile number).
9. The researcher submits an electronic copy of the search on a CD for the purpose of referring it to the Electronic Stealing Committee, knowing that the maximum limit for fraud is 20% and what exceeds it requires the researcher to make amendments to it in order to refer it to the Stealing Committee for examination again.
10. The research is presented to the magazine's editorial board to select two evaluators in the field of research specialization and one linguistic evaluator.
11. The researcher submits one hard copy of the research, printed on A4 paper on one side, and the font type is Times New Roman (for Arabic and English), font size (14), main title in the font (16) in bold, and the margin and sources are in font size (12). With 2.5 cm margins at the top, bottom, and sides of the page.
12. The researcher undertakes to submit the research on a CD in its final form after making modifications and taking the comments of the residents scientifically and linguistically.
13. Not to ask the researcher for a paper copy of his research in case it was rejected by the residents.
14. In the event that the research is rejected by the evaluators, the scientific and linguistic evaluators' wages will be deducted.
15. The writing of scientific and human research is approved according to the form approved by the journal.
16. The electronic link to the magazine is: