Using Peer Comparison in Developing Iraqi EFL Learners’ Note-taking Skill

  • Asst. Instr. Heiam Abdul Ameer Al-Mustansiriyah University \ College Of Basic Education


Note-taking is considered one of the basic skills in one's academic life. It seems simple and easy matter but the truth is not! Note-taking means how to write down other people thoughts, ideas and information in your own style in a way that it would be summarising the core of his message in order to save the maximum useful amount of information to reduce the pressure of memorizing on your brain by having the notes in your hands.
The researcher as an instructor of EFL and his colleagues noticed that the Iraqi EFL learner is having problems in note-taking strategies and also this weakness is approved in local note taking previous studies. As a remedial action for this problem, the researcher has picked Peer comparison strategies to improve note-taking skills for Iraqi EFL learners.
The researcher constructed a closed yes-no questionnaire to survey a sample of advanced EFL learners' opinions and facts about note-taking, peer learning, and peer comparison.
The results have shown that Iraqi EFL needs the intensive practice of note-taking strategies, they do not mind working in peers, peer comparison develops their note-taking skills.

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Asst. Instr. Heiam Abdul Ameer. (2020). Using Peer Comparison in Developing Iraqi EFL Learners’ Note-taking Skill. Journal of the College of Basic Education, 26(106), 43-53.
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