Contractual investigations in the path and balance Preparation

  • م. م. مريم مجيد عبدالله تربية الكرخ الثالثة/ ثانوية المتفوقات


This research aims to reveal the clarification of the meaning of the path and the balance, and their role in confirming the Islamic belief and the belief of Muslims about what was absent from them, and I used for that an analytical and descriptive approach, the research included ((nodal topics in the path and the balance of the speakers)) on two subjects and seven demands of the first topic Al-Siraat and Al-Qantara It includes four demands: the first demand included the truth of faith in the last day, and the second demand: the definition of the path language and idiom, while the third requirement: faith in the path, and the fourth requirement: on the deniers of the path, and the second topic was on the balance, and included three demands: the first demand: Definition of distinction In language and convention, the second requirement: the balance is a fixed fact, and the third requirement: those who deny the balance.

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م. م. مريم مجيد عبدالله. (2020). Contractual investigations in the path and balance Preparation. Journal of the College of Basic Education, 26(106), 391-413.
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