Poems of praise and spelling in the Court of the poet Abdel Hamid Deeb )Stylistic study(

  • م.م. أحمــــد سعيــد محمـد
Keywords: Eulogy, satire, Abdelhamid El-Deeb, stylistic.


The Bureau of Abdel Hamid El Deeb tells us about the multiplicity of stylistic phenomena in it, at all levels (phonetic, synthetic, and semantic), which was the best incentive for us to research and study, as well as the absence of a stylistic study, and there have been some studies may be far from the content of our study and form For example: (Wataniya Abdel Hamid El Deeb) by Abdul Karim Ahmed Maghawri Mohamed, and a study titled (the revolutionary poet Abdel Hamid El Deeb) by the researcher Kamel El Shennawy. It is located in only three odd pages, so we have opted to explore his book stylistically in praise and spelling To the dominance of the spirit of anger, misery, and indignation it, even It became a general feature in his poetry, and this study was divided into three sections, the first level of sound (rhythmic) external parts (weight and rhyme), and the second detective study the synthetic level, and the third section examines semantic level.

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م.م. أحمــــد سعيــد محمـد. (2020). Poems of praise and spelling in the Court of the poet Abdel Hamid Deeb )Stylistic study(. Journal of the College of Basic Education, 26(106), 303-325. https://doi.org/10.35950/cbej.v26i106.4896
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