The meanings letters in the verses of trust in the Holy Quran

  • م. م. مُنــى إبراهِيم عبيد حسين الجامعة المستنصريَّة/ كلية التربية/ قسم اللغة العربية
Keywords: Meanings letters, Trust, Kindness and traction, Monument letters.


The methodology of my research required those letters and their significance in the verses of trust in the Holy Qur’an, as the concepts of the research titles were synergistic to be straight in the preliminary and the subjects, whereas the preliminary was in two aspects: I defined the concept of honesty as a language and a term, and in the second I showed the meaning of the letter language, terminology, and letters of meaningsdevoted t the first Z to study prepositions in the verses of the Secretariat, which has shown the meanings of those letters as (to, Alaba, on, L traction, from) the second was in a statement denote conjunctions of them (or, then, ta, waw), And the third was held to denote a character question (Is), it is worth noting that the research did not address the letter of the second question (Humazah); for not they are received within the allocated study verses and was the fourth in a free indication and P condition firm of non - assertive conditional sentence, eat the last statement of the meanings of letters monument, and differences cuddle me in the composition of the Quranic texts within the context of the Quranic Qur'an, A. what conclusion showed the findings of the research, as proven search:

  • The letters do not have an independent connotation on their own, but rather they acquire this connotation by placing them between the names and the verbs in the sentence. 

The functional meaning of the context was related to the meanings of the letters, which led to a difference in the noble Qur’anic interpretation

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