The Study of Language of Social Media and the Effect of English and their Interaction with the Arabic language

  • Lect. Bushra khalaf Edam (MA) Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research University of Thi-Qar College of Arts English Department


This study explores the impact of the use of social networking sites, especially Facebook as the most common means of social communication in Iraq, on the type of language used in everyday talk and the spread of innovative words among Iraqi youth. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to describe the nature of these words, the type of language used and the reasons behind its familiarity. The technological revolution has led to radical changes and major societal transformations that included the lives of individuals and business organizations, as well as governments. By the beginning of the 21st century, this revolution produced the so-called "social networking sites", such as, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Engram, Telegram and many others.

The descriptive approach was used to achieve the objectives of this qualitative investigation since it is one of the most used methods in the field of social and human sciences. The data was collected from 200 young people using social networking sites and live in the city of Nasiriya, south of Iraq. Using questionnaires, as well as, other research tools, to collect data since all were specifically designed for the purposes of this study and based on the nature of the research questions.

The research findings suggest that most of the Iraqi's young people use these words in social networking sites and their daily lives. There is a strong a relationship between this new kind of language use in the community and the political, economic, religious and social atmosphere in the country. Therefore, the results imply that the language used in social networking sites is a reflection of the individual's educational background and cultural environment. This research study is important because it sheds the light on the possibility of harnessing the sites and Facebook "in particular" to create a generation conscious of the requirements of life and the development of ideas among young people .

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