Effect of SiC particulates on fracture toughness of an Al-1.5% Mg matrix composite.

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Ali Ismail Salih


The fracture toughness of the SiC-Al-1.5%Mg PMMCs has been studies. The MMCs were prepared by conventional method's the stir cast. The SiC preheated particle content was varied from 2, 4, 6 to 8 wt% and their average size was 53µm. we have noticed that the fracture toughness was decreased due to the increase in SiC wt%.  Also the hardness has been investigated and show the hardness of the composite material was increased with the increases in the SiC wt%.

The X-ray diffraction test was also investigated to the matrix alloy, SiC particle and the reinforcement material in order to study the phases which are produced into the MMCs structure. Its show that there is good contact has been produced between them. 

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