Synthesis and characterization of new thiourea complexes

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Sallal Abdulhadi Al-Merhj


Four Complexes of thiourea derivative (4-methoxy- N-(phenylcarbamothioyl) benzamide) have been prepared by the reaction of  4-methoxybenzoyl isothiocyanate with aniline,then the ligand obtained reacted with (MnII,CoII,CuII,NiII) the resulting complexes were characterized by elemental analysis , FTIR , UV-Vis spectra  and melting point. General formula that obtained is [L2MCl2] for all complexes with octahedral geometry, where(L)=(4-methoxy-N(phenylcarbamothioyl)benza-mide) and M= (MnII,CoII,CuII,NiII) .

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