Recognition and Production of the Present Tense Versus Present Passive Constructions: Error Analysis of Iraqi EFL Learners’ Performance

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Shurooq Abboodi Ali (M.A.)


The present tense and present passive constructions play a significant role in English sentence structure. They express actions which take place in the present. The two structures are common in English as well as being used extensively in everyday life of English. Besides, they are required by EFL learners in constructing their role or written communicative situations.

          Therefore, the present study investigates the errors committed by Iraqi EFL learners in these two structures at the recognition and production levels since most of them may not recognize the present tense and the construction of present passive sentence particularly in time of change from active to passive. Thus, a test has been given to thirty two Iraqi EFL learners and their responses have been analyzed. Their responses have shown that they commit different errors in the present passive constructions at the recognition and production levels; contrarily, they do not commit errors in the present tense at the recognition and production levels. However, the researcher has explained the reasons behind their weaknesses in present passive constructions and has suggested some different suggestions which are hoped to be useful for both teachers and students as well. 

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